How A Franchise Consultant Helps Improve Business Operations

When a company comes to the point in its evolution that the next step is expansion, franchising is a viable option. As with any major step there will be changes and improvements while maintaining the core values and way in providing the products or services. As an organization decides to franchise their business and work with a franchise consultant not only does it begin the path towards fast growth and brand recognition, it will also experience vast improvements in its core business operations.

Throughout the process in creating the franchisor organization, operations become the centerpiece of this initiative. It is this way of doing business that is being replicated and shared with the franchisees that pay to operate one of these franchises. One of, if not the key to a successful franchise is the creation and enforcement of operational standards through an operations manual.

Although the original operation may be efficient and well run, it will greatly benefit from the creation of the operations manual. Documenting every aspect of the business from turning on the lights in the morning to the proper technique in making the fried chicken sandwich to locking up at night will only make the existing business more finely tuned and overall better. A quality operation manual is the set of instructions that guides the business regardless of whether it is a franchise or not.

These manuals are commonly created in the traditional physical form along with the convenient and effective multi accessible digital versions through learning management platforms that include Tovuti, Trainual, Absorb, Docebo, Bridge, and Cornerstone.

From this point forward the operations manual begins to provide additional benefits in the in the functioning of the franchisor. This document will serve as the guide to the operations, it will be the basis for training, it is there to back up legal disputes in a court of law, and it is a huge sales component in laying out in a methodical way how the business is run.

A quality franchise consultant will help lead a franchisor through the steps of franchising including the crucial operations and creation of the operations manual. This phase of the process will help make the current and core business more efficient and develop improvements.