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From Strategic Planning, Legal, Operations, and Training setup to Marketing, Sales, and Compliance…. we customize all phases with you and your team and assist you in executing them while building the associated materials.


We provide newly-emerging franchisors with full support in the entire franchise development process.  We will collaborate with you every step of the way from Strategic Planning, Operations and Training,   Value Engineering and Automation, Legal and I.P., and Unit and Franchise-Level Marketing.

What is Franchise Consulting?

The Franchise Consulting we are speaking of relates to the entire  development and execution “Point-to-Point” of the entire franchise operation and system.   The word “Consultant” in the franchise industry many times refers to a “broker” or an internal “franchise salesperson” who is taking part in a “consultative sale” of a brand’s franchise units or territory.  The full development consulting which FSI provides is to the newly-emerging “Franchisor.”  Our experienced consulting team show you the way through the extensive processes and modelling activity essential to create the optimum franchise brand and is not limited to any one singular phase or process.

Do you possess and manage a model which is fully “Replicate-Able” and “Scalable” regionally, nationally, or internationally in the first place?  If not, what components of the model can be customized, improved, or added to prepare the model for each phase leading to a successful franchise build?

After taking the initial steps of consulting and demonstrating our abilities to prepare all phases to the franchisor, our team gathers as much data as possible on the front-end, including but not limited to historical performance, multi-year financials and POS data, management skills and potential missing components, as well as unit-level and franchise-level marketing strategies appropriate for the new franchise company model.  After gathering the existing data and studying comparable models, reviewing the client’s key goals and aspirations, we take the time to fly to the client’s location to review the entire existing business and to meet personally with owners and key manager to further assess the wisdom and viability of full development, which we do at our own cost prior to contracting with a new client.  Answering and solving with a situational analyses of “readiness” for scaling, as well as a realistic assessment of management’s willingness to fill in any potential gaps as the development matures is crucial, and to confirm the client’s commitment to success and financial capabilities to cover the burn-rate over the applicable period of time it takes for the franchise company to achieve success.  Although we love the enthusiasm of our entrepreneurial owners beginning their franchise journey, having a team which has built and/or run multiple models will help avoid costly mistakes or mistaken  assumptions commonly held by a new team, vastly increasing the likelihood of success in scaling the model.

Your Franchise Science Lead Consultant governs the day-to-day activities of the entire team as the journey flows into Strategic Planning, Legal, Operations and Training, building out a modern Learning Management System (LMS) and marketing your franchise to the best buyers to join your family of franchisees.  This consultant must be available to your 24-7-365, and each piece of your franchise development needs to communicate flawlessly with the next in order to achieve the best results in a full “Point-to-Point” franchise development.

To achieve this, each phase of the journey has its own seasoned consultant working under the Lead Consultant to produce the customized result needed for your vision and your model.  For instance, our Operations Lead Consultant has written over three hundred operations manuals, created the same amount of full Franchisee Training regimens, and is fully capable of working with any industry-leading or in-house-custom LMS to create the best customized learning experience for your new franchisees.  In the Strategic Franchise Planning category, the consultant who is preparing your pro forma and business planning product is providing our client with the talent acquired while working for multiple large accountancies and auditing firms and brings a wealth of experience and skill to thinking through the economics of your multi-year Franchise Business Plan.  The quality of your franchise consulting is directly correlated with the active education and experience of each team member serving you in each individual phase.  FSI’s method of laser-focus with the best talent in-category is what creates this incredibly unique boutique consultancy, and where the best User Experience (UX) in your development comes from.

When you are seeking a franchise consultancy to meet or exceed your goals with you, it is important to set expectations rationally as to what kind of user experience you really want.  FSI is providing day-to-day and week-to-week “active” consulting in its approach, using small, focused, highly gifted team members communicating and executing with you on each step of each phase.  This is our place in the universe, and our place in the franchise industry.  There are more typical passive approaches to consulting in the industry which are far less thorough and more “broad-based” approaches that prospects for services can find everywhere.  This is not the FSI experience.  Our full hands-on approach is both our commitment to your business and your team, and we look forward to seeing if our approach is a great fit for your organization.

Why Franchise Science for Franchise Consulting Needs?

Excellence in franchise model development is accomplished best by small, fully-focused expertise in each phase of your project.  Small teams in which each consultant combines their excellence and experience in each phase will propel your development by making smarter, data-driven decisions while simultaneously experiencing the full service of our boutique approach.  Every piece of your franchise puzzle needs to work with and properly merge with every other.  Empower yourself with the UX of working at this level with a team that loves to work together and wants to coach you with the highest level of service and attention.

On-Site Visit
On-Site Visit and Review for qualified prospects prior to investing in any process.
Full Point-to-Point
Full Point-to-Point Franchise Development Consulting. All of the pieces of your puzzle need to “talk to each other” with a transparent team approach.
Boutique UX
Boutique UX with dedicated Consultant for each phase.
Highly Experienced Team
Highly Experienced Team with hundreds of projects completed in their careers. A team member in-category is assigned to each phase of your development, led by your lead consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Franchise Science provides a host of services for existing franchise brands, such as Annual Consulting Agreements, Ala Carte updates to Operations, Training, or LMS functions, and Seminar Training. However, our core client base is Newly Emerging Franchisors and Multi-Unit Corporate models who need full “Point-to-Point” franchise development. We are happy to serve both.
It all depends on the “attention span” and time allocated by management of the new franchise brand, but with all internal considerations humming optimally, we like to budget between 6-8 months to deliver on all phases, including required state registrations and other delays commonly experienced. FSI has the ability to “layer” multiple phases at the same time if-warranted for the needs of the client and can easily do an “Expedited” development responsibly in 3 months. However, we find that absorbing the process in such a brief period of time is bad for management, and moving at this speed requires enough people and allocated management time prior to FSI approving such a move. In addition, the system we are building may be slowed down by factors outside our control, such as slow-moving registration in various states (New York, California) who very often have a super-slow-moving process from time to time. FSI’s contracts span a minimum of one year to leave room for multiple “pivots” in the franchisor process, but ideally, we like to time the phases to be delivered in 6-8 months depending on client pace and availability.
This depends entirely on what the customized contract for your version of a full development requires, and each model and industry has many differences in project costs. For instance, a restaurant may require many more ancillary services for their development deliverables than a small service business with minimal inventory and a simpler concept with less “moving parts” to manage. Therefore, the only way a cost question for an individual company can be responsibly answered is to consult with the company, review the work, and quote the project with exactness. After a full consultation or two, it is amazingly simple to have an accurate quote for you in minutes, as long as we have defined the ideal development (or) ala carte service and project scope.
Prior to engagement, we encourage companies engaging with FSI to review our staff and project experts-in-category on their Linkedin pages, and also to request any further resume or historical info relevant to their project or full development. References are also available when vetting our company (or) a specific employee or project contractor at your request

Full Point To Point Franchise Consulting

Our franchise consulting service includes the industry's leading end to end solution which provides a comprehensive consulting approach to help identify opportunities for growth through franchising.

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