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With each new franchisee comes a new operator who needs a specific game plan to implement in their local market.  Prior to entering the marketing phase, we prepared the franchisee with an excellent Operations Manual for our model and trained them with our amazing Franchisee Training Curriculum during their startup phase, HQ training, and Onsite training (if-applicable). The Unit-Level Marketing Plan is used both during franchisee training to start, and then as an ongoing daily usage document for developing and increasing sales in their given territory.

Make It Their Own

However, each franchisee needs to customize their own location’s Unit Level Marketing for their own situation and optimum effectiveness.  In the spirit of “You cannot enforce what you don’t publish” FSI provides a customized unit-level marketing template with three optional budget levels which is made to be customized and prepared by the franchisee.  Although the marketing plan is delivered to the franchisee in a fully written form, instructions as to how to build their own plan, measure its effectiveness, and what methodology is likely to be worth testing and using in their given industry and geography is all at their fingertips.

The Unit-Level Marketing Plan is both for daily use at each franchisee location(s), and also an attachment to the Operations and Training phase(s) for each franchisee.

Is your franchisee required to do a Grand Opening?  Most of us in the industry consider this a key marketing launch for any given unit-level launch.  Complete instructions and methodology for your given model’s grand opening, the minimum budget to be spent, and all strategies from friends and family to local politicians and leadership networking are key to a successful launch.  What about the Soft Opening?  How do we create our lists and outreach for each marketing component for the launch, and ongoing marketing efforts?

For many restaurants and other “socially driven” models, Dine and Donate programs where a large % of each check for participating diners is donated to a given cause, has been remarkably effective for new franchises who need aggressive and meaningful social outreach, as well as being great for the beneficiary of the donations.

Other restaurant franchises are using marvelous Point of Sale software such as TOAST, in which a lot of valuable store marketing methodology, special delivery pricing, and other components are surprisingly unutilized by many otherwise-savvy restaurant owners who really should be maximizing the embedded components of POS in their daily strategy.

Many unit level services franchise thrive with software-driven app-based technology to get in front of buyers and services, while others still use old-fashioned radio advertising in certain lower cost media-spot markets, right along with cable TV and road signs.

Therefore, when you are creating a customizable, budget-sensitive Unit Level Marketing scheme for franchisees to customize and execute for their own location growth, every effort must be made to accelerate what is most effective for their model type, geography, and budget commitment with an almost equal emphasis on ROI measurement while simultaneously evolving to more effective methods as we learn.

Why Franchise Science for Unit-Level Marketing Plans?

Is the same  unit-level marketing effort relevant to fill up a new franchise restaurant unit in Austin, TX as a carpet cleaning service in New York City?  Probably not.

FSI creates a complete template and written plan customized for your franchisees and intended as a boilerplate with multiple budget options for their unit marketing based on the best methods for their geography, including but not limited to Guerrilla Marketing, Localized Digital Marketing, Public Relations, and brick-and-mortar signs and ads.

Understand the unique advertising needs of your franchisees and solve it where they live!

Unit Level Strategy
FSI will customize the best unit-level strategy, while simultaneously create a template for your franchisees to build on to create the best unit-level plan for their goals and budget
Optimize and leverage maximum performance from your Soft Opening, Grand Opening, and Local Community Networking
Software Performance
Make sure that you are using the most appropriate software to constantly measure the performance of each local marketing and localized-digital marketing effort in the least labor-intensive way, most automated way. “Measure What Matters” and “Constantly Evolve the Plan” with accruing ROI reporting and full performance information.
Local Support!
Give Back to the local community

Frequently Asked Questions

As a service business in a small community, you are still going to tune your website or page, landing pages, and digital ads forward on a reasonable monthly budget, but it will be hyper-focused on your local market for all of your campaigns. However, your business also focuses mostly on commercial accounts. Based on our extensive experience, your most effective marketing is to have a dedicated representative going door to door, building relationships and dropping-in regular with every property manager, building owner, and housing development manager on a regular basis using data from the online real estate software. In addition to old fashioned “door to door” we also suggest that you explore the viability and cost of a road sign in a high-traffic area. In many smaller communities, costs can be quite rational on signage, and creating introductory offer(s) and posting them can be amazingly effective.
Although we measure the effectiveness of our client’s SEO, PPC, and paid social programs, we cannot predict even the near future of search (or) the massive effects that A.I. is already having on search and results. People have to have a reason to “Google” things as opposed to the growing habit of “Chat-GPT4-ing” things. As the multitude of more sophisticated Learning Language Models (LLMs) flow into the system and become increasingly effective, it could cause an extremely negative impact on mainstay method such as Google Search, where a vast portion of leads historically have been added to the funnel.
Even in the universe of a million Podcasts, some radio stations are still relevant, and may be useful for your model depending on your ability to acquire low-cost spot prices during valuable driving and listening times. It depends on your unit-level business and audience. With your breakfast concept, talk radio has been very instrumental (historically) and worth measuring the cost and potential ROI over a few months of measurement. Cable television spot-purchase opportunities are also interesting for your audience but may be outside your beginning budget. Again, for both Radio and TV/Cable ads, focus on the channels watched by your audience, and try to budget a minimum of a 3-month run, if at all possible, to allow enough testing time.
Lately, we have noticed that a lot of busy restaurant owners and franchisees are not leveraging some of the excellent programs offered by TOAST and other POS providers in the way of customer acquisition, unique offers, couponing, events, and food delivery cost-reduction and related exposure. The lack of basic service of even the most excellent POS packages these days is pretty abysmal, and as a result creates a lot more headaches and work for store managers and franchise owners, taking their eyes off the goldmine of customer retention and outreach already integrated into their system, or easily added. Poor customer service. The worst part of marketing is that if not scheduled properly, it can cause you to take your eye off the restaurant service quality while you increase your office time. There is no marketing method so valuable that it is worth killing off your regulars with second-rate service, also damaging the referral portion of your efforts simultaneously. Build and execute your marketing plan, but not at the expense of your customers. Schedule carefully.
Remember, we are marketing to find our next franchisee or area developer for our system. This is a “relationship building exercise” whereby the romance is typically a slow-building joyful exploration of the “fit” on both sides, and not a used-car sale. Using remarketing to sell shingles is one things at the unit level, but some buyers think its very “tacky” at the franchise level. Although it is an individual decision or “test” if you want to try it, I will shy away from tactics that appear overly-aggressive and find more creative ways to reach out to potential franchisees one-on-one.

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